Accounting and Fiduciary Services

Preparing Annual and Estate Accountings, and Reports of Court Examiner since 2008

Paralegal Services Per Diem

A freelance or independent contract paralegal is one who is self-employed and available to take on work for attorneys and others within the legal profession. As a freelance paralegal, I may assist you on cases for the short term, long term, per diem or per case projects with no commitments beyond any commissioned assignment.

Accounting & Fiduciary Services was formed in 2008 and at present, we have a staff of 3 professionals, each specializing in a specific area - legal document preparation, including Court Examiner reports and supporting documents, financial analysis in preparation of testimonies for Court Examiners and annual and final accountings for attorney and lay Guardians.

If your staff is too busy or you are a sole practitioner, simply stated, it is cost effective to hire an independent paralegal to work on specific projects or cases that will not require your firm's commitment to a full time salaried employee. Since I am an independent contractor, your firm will be free from the usual expenses required for a salaried employee, such as health benefits, vacation time, sick-time or employment taxes. You are billed only for the work completed, per a prearranged agreement.

The sole practitioner or small law firm will certainly benefit from my more than twenty four years of experience in the areas of Guardianship proceedings both Article 81, Articles 17 and 17A, Estate Administration, including probate matters, specializing in preparation of annual and final accountings associated with these proceedings. Although my past experience also included the areas of real estate, formation of corporations, adoptions, name changes and Social Security Disability proceedings, since 2008, my firm has concentrated in the areas of Guardianship and Estate accountings. I am familiar with the Surrogate's Courts and Supreme Courts in the five boroughs and Westchester County, Nassau County and Suffolk County and I have a working relationship with many of the Guardianship clerks.

Since 2008, we have worked closely with more than a dozen Court Examiners in reviewing annual and final accountings submitted by guardians and trustees, preparing testimonies and reports of examiners and in preparing all the supporting documents required by the various guardianship departments in the New York area.